Fibery Obsessions Come to Light


It has been a long time in deciding this, but alas, it is finally time to jump and start this blog. But before I jump into the details of what this blog will become, I just wanted to start with a few things about myself (other than what is on my About page). First of all, to cover a few things, I am a recent graduate of Finlandia University, a small college in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where I grew up before discovering the wonderful art program right in my back yard. Going into art and design became a leap of faith because I was on the college track in high school which meant no art classes (although I was a full-blown band geek…go clarinets!). I studied Graphic Design and spent free time with Adobe Illustrator, but the truth was, more of that free time was spent with fiber. I have been crocheting for about 10 years (thanks to my Aunt) and knitting for about 9 (thanks to my Grandma). That was all I needed as I constantly pushed to learn more and more about each technique. Yet, in college, especially in an art department, my interest was piqued to learn more fiber techniques and then connect it with graphic design. I learned weaving, surface design, and spinning. Of those spinning took off and I am now, after 5 months, a proud owner of a wheel that I love to use for additional fiber obsessions. From that connection with graphic design, I started to create my own brand that is starting with this blog.

Yet, the final push to start this came from the feelings that at this point, I am not fulfilling what I actually want to accomplish in life post-graduation. I do not find excitement in my part-time job and am slowly realizing that in order for me to come closer to my true self I need to find a way to mesh both my graphic design and my fiber lives together into one. Queue this blog.

So, what will I be focusing on this blog. For the most part, this will focus on my fiber projects and ventures (and hopefully an Etsy shop in the future), but I still want to keep this open for graphic design ideas as well. I love to try everything, so there is a good chance jewelry ventures and other such notions just might creep onto the scene on occasion. I’ll share musings, ideas, what I’m up to, and what seems appropriate at the time.

Wooly Mastadon is growing and changing and thus, so will this blog. I hope that you are ready to come along for the ride, I am sure ready to go!

~Stay Inspired


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