What Am I Up To?

Perhaps you are asking that question, perhaps not, but here it is. I’ve been working on only a few things in the past week…it can be difficult to get a lot of spinning/knitting/crocheting done when you are working and, surprise, traveling. It has been crazy with extra hours at both my part time job and of course, a crazy graphic design schedule that included not only tons of internship designs but freelance as well. I must be insane because of course the few days that I did not work I traveled to visit family (while working on freelance/internship remotely). To say the least it’s been interesting, but fun, and I am truly grateful for the work.

Yet, when you love something, you keep doing it, so along with work I slipped in some quick sock knitting while also spinning for Tour de Fleece. I joined the Camelot Dyeworks group this year as a newb spinner (only owning my own wheel for a few months and knowing how to spin for like 6 months). My lofty goals of finishing the current project on the wheel so I could start a batt didn’t happen. I have, however, been spinning every day, even during travel. By the sheer amount of practice I have put into my spinning, both on spindle and wheel, my skills have improved by leaps and bounds. I can actually spin even singles on my spindle. On my wheel, I’m getting the hang of joining new fiber without have unsightly bumps. It’s lovely.



In truth, that’s about it. No soap-box rants (which will come occasionally, I promise…if you’re into that that is, haha), no amazing I-just-finished-a-1800yd-shawl-in-3-days, no plied singles spun up in a day. It’s just me, plugging away, and doing my best. I’m designing logos and flyers, knitting socks during breaks at work, reading like the book will burn if I don’t read it faster, and of course, spinning like a mad-woman on a mission. To all of you who understand, power to you. For all who think I’m crazy/lazy/etc., whatever floats your boat. Most importantly, do what you love (mini-rant included).

~Stay Inspired


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