Book Haul(ish?) and Current Projects.

Book Haul

It’s that time. I should post about yarn/book hauls. The truth is, I never foresaw this kind of post, but when a KnitPicks book order came in the mail, I knew I had to share. It has been a crazy bust-through-the-stash summer and this is only going to feed that. Random thought, I think I must finally be an adult. I got the package in the mail today, and had known about it since Monday, but when I finally got my paws on it, I didn’t rip it open immediately like I normally do. I waited until after work and dinner and laundry to open it. That’s what an adult with self-restraint would do, right? Well, that is the extent of my self-restraint, haha. Anywho, back to book awesomeness and the stash-busting bug.

As far as book hauls, I restrained myself but only a bit. I ended up getting three books, Knitting by Design by Emma Robertson, Spinning and Dying Yarn by Ashley Martineau, and Woodland Knits by Stephanie Dosen. I also got the kit for Hedgehog Mittens by Spilly Jane, two skeins of lace-weight yarn (because I’d rather get yarn for the price of shipping than pay for shipping) and the kitten drawstring project bag which was a free item with a promotional code. I nearly squealed with excitement when I opened the package to the pretty yarn and books (yes, I know some of you will say, it’s just KnitPicks, but hey, in this town, I pretty much need to order any books I want because there isn’t anywhere to buy them locally). On purusing the books, I am thinking that they are all amazing but with different uses.

When I ordered Knitting by Design, I knew that many people didn’t like it because it was too basic, only for beginners. I decided to ignore that and I am glad I did. Although many of the projects are extremely basic, I feel that the book will be an amazing resource for teaching others to knit, even my friends in their 20s (like me, spoiler alert, haha). The layout is eye candy. My only complaint is , graphic designer rant alert, that some of the words in the section headers and titles, even if the title to the section was only one word, were hyphenated and cut onto another line. That is ridiculous! You NEVER do that, especially in a header, no matter how much you like the size of the type-face. My graphic design brain spasmed for a second there. End rant, thank you very much. In the end, I love the book, and even just the photos are enough to make me happy owning the book. I need to go into more depth in the future, but until then, these are my initial thoughts.

Spinning and Dyeing Yarn was a book I found out about in a magazine and knew I wanted asap. The only problem was when I found out about the book, I didn’t own a spinning wheel, so I held off and just stalked the book on Amazon and other forums, dreaming of its loveliness (well, maybe not dreaming, but it was on my mind). When I ordered the book, I didn’t realize it was hard-cover, so when it came in the mail I was super excited. I have just barely paged through but I think it might become a favorite, and I might have to report back on this with a full-blown review!

Woodland Knits was one of those oh-I-should-order-that moments. I didn’t have it on my book list (yes, I have a list and it has all kinds of books on it, novels, diy books, fiber books, etc. and it never shrinks but grows) but I knew I wanted to order it. Once again, I was excited about the book but I didn’t realize just how much it would have in it. I had stalked the Ravelry pages for the patterns and knew the photography would be wonderful, but I had no idea just how big the book was and how many pictures it would have…pure heaven. It’s lovely and you better believe that that deer hat will be cast on soon enough, winter comes quickly in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula!

All of these are first impressions of the books (notice all the comments of photography, haha). I have been wanting to get them and can’t wait to dive into each one cover to cover. I always get so excited when I have new reading material and reading material that feeds my fiber obsession is the best kind.

Slouch Hat by Victoria Schwanke

And now for stash-busting; it’s summer, what more can I say. I inevitably find time to dig through my stash; all of it, every single piece. It always makes me realize just how much yarn I have and that I need to work through that stash, especially deep stash. I was perusing some of my yarn, wanted to knit a hat, and found some old Bernat Super Stripes in an orange and black colorway from my high school days (school colors). I don’t wear those colors anymore, but I thought they’d make a cute bulky slouch hat, so that is what I did. I cast on and knit away. It worked so I made another and have started on a third in blues that I might just keep for myself. I also started another scrap afghan. Just about every summer I start one and this one has stalled. I really need to pick it up, but haven’t for a month even though I have at least 15 of the crochet motifs done. Ah well, it’s not going anywhere. That urge to bust through stash is holding strong, however. I kind of want to make a ton of slouch hats with all of my somewhat novelty bulky yarn. We’ll see. I just need time to actually work too, haha.

Well, that’s the update. I think I’ll post more about different books in the future, old and new, maybe even magazines. We’ll see. Until next time. Good luck stashbusting.

~Stay Inspired


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