A Sweater Mod

$5 in Paris Sweater Modification

Originally I was going to post about my victory finishing my tdf spinning and having two lovely skeins of yarn to show you, washed and ready to go. Then life happened. There was still hope. I thought, you know, I still have time. And then work happened and on top of that my design internship got interesting. That is when I realized that I was pushing it. Despite some dissappointment, life happens and you keep going and doing what you love. Thus, the fiber will have to wait and I will share what I currently started this week in the large project department: a sweater mod.

A little over a year ago I knit $5 in Paris by Anna Maliszewski. The pattern is well written, and for a first time knit sweater (I had already crocheted a vest) I thought it would be easy. It is in fact extremely easy so for a new sweater knitter, or a new knitter in general, I highly recommend the pattern. Fair warning: the pattern is almost solid stockinette so if that drives you nuts, it might not be the pattern for you. However, I didn’t mind it and felt comfortable adjusting the pattern to fit me. Yet, in those original mods, I overcompensated. I had to adjust the pattern to be slightly larger, so I added to the collar/shoulder area. I thought it would be fine, but I ended up making it HUGE. I added so many stitches that the one time I wore the sweater, I had to safety pin it to my shirt underneath. It’s supposed to be a dropped shoulder swaeter and I love it, but it falls off.

Cue an afterthought modification. I have been sitting on this sweater for a while, as I said over a year, and have just not known what to do with it or how to fix it. I thought about taking the fabric in a tacking it at the shoulders, but the more I considered that option, I knew it wouldn’t work. That would just create unsightly lumps that I don’t need to add. I thought about sewing up the sides smaller and cutting out the excess; again unsightly lumps would ensue. Finally the other night, after a long day, I just couldn’t calm down. I took my sweater out of the closet(where it had been hibernating for months) and looked at it. Then it hit me, I need to either invest a good piece of time to this sweater or call it a casualty of the modifications gone wrong. I opted for the former.

Upon inspection of the sweater I knew what to do. My plan of action would be to pick up the stitches just below the cast-on at the shoulder and put in a life-line. Then I would rip out the cast on and knit up, decreasing the ribbing strategically on the shoulders so that it would come together into the pattern while making the neckline smaller. I also opted to use smaller needles to help this process. Of course, the night I came up with this I just had to pick up the stitches.

So that is where it stands; stitches picked up, life-line installed. My next step is to (gasp) cut and pull out the cast-on edge and go from there. I want to be able to actually wear this sweater when the cool weather arrives, and in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, that will be very soon. I’ll post an update when I finish, but until then you officially know two things: I’m crazy, and I have a lot of things I want to do.

~Stay Inspired


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