Sweater Mod: Complete!


$5 in Paris: Wooly Mastadon

I know it isn’t Friday, but my skill level in the patience department is at an all-time low and I just had to share this project. I actually finished modifying my $5 in Paris early last week but I never was home when there was good light to snap a photo (I apologize for the undead look, I wanted to share this sweater right away and it is that kind of day today), and finally punted waiting this morning (there is no hope for decent lighting in the near future, hello rain). Here it is! I am so excited, I can finally wear this thing. I started this sweater over a year ago (see this post) and just haven’t been able to wear it. Now I can.

Some quick stats:

  • I had leftover yarn from my original project that I saved for this purpose but it is Caron Simply Soft in a color with no dye lot so I wouldn’t have been out of luck if I had to purchase more
  • I couldn’t remember what size needles I knit the sweater on so I jumped and knit the mod in my size 6 (4 mm) KnitPicks interchangeables
  • The sweater was knit top-down. My mods would be knit bottom-up
  • The decreasing would all be done in the ribbing so the goal was to keep the stitch pattern symmetrical

I ended up picking up the stitches on the collar and cutting the cast-on yarn. This was an endeavor because I didn’t think and forgot that I would be knitting in the opposite direction that the original sweater was knit. Almost 2 hours later, I had all of the stitches on my needles and was ready to go. I decided that the best way to decrease was to slowly decrease the ribbing over the shoulders symmetrically into a single line. I just worked organically and decreased when I thought it looked good. trying on the sweater as I went. Knitting up and making the neck hole smaller didn’t take very long and sooner than I thought I was binding off again and presto, my sweater fit! I know this all sounds so easy, and trust me, the picking up of stitches was a nightmare, but I would be lying if I said that knitting up and decreasing was hard. It just worked for me, perhaps because my frustration with this sweater has been around for so long that I either wanted to fix it or have to scrap it because I really screwed up. Math comes easy to me and working organically does as well so everything fell into place. I was lucky and with future ventures probably won’t be but I’ll take it for this sweater.

Regardless I finished the sweater in time for the cold weather which will be next week (maybe that’s an exageration but seriously, they are forecasting and early winter starting in September for the UP of Michigan so this could get interesting). I can’t say how happy I am and even thought there are tons of flaws, by golly I’m going to wear this thing!

~Stay Inspired


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