Housekeeping…I’ll come back later then.

Housekeeping: Wooly Mastadon

First, I’d just like to say, if you got that obscure reference in the title, I love you (and no, it’s not dirty, just super geeky). Anyway, I hope your week is going well. I just wanted to pop in and take care of some housekeeping. This blog has only been around for a short while but I feel it’s time to share a few things. As you may have noticed, new posts will appear on Fridays as a rule. I’ll be sharing projects, thoughts, reviews, etc. As time goes on, I may share additional posts, like I am doing this week. I’ll do those when I’m feeling the need to share, when something is really amazing, or not so great, and needs to be out there NOW. Eventually, I might add to the regular schedule but for now that which is life dictates that once a week is a decent amount.

Part of the incentive for starting the blog was to build a community and I’d like to do just that. What would you like to see on this blog as it grows and changes? What types of projects do you like to read about? Are you solely interested in fiber or are you also interested in my graphic design ventures as well? I started this blog to share and sharing isn’t a one way street. There has to be someone on the receiving end, and all creative ventures need inspiration. Let’s grow together!

P.S. I love obscure Harry Potter references and quotes, both from the books and the movies…you know, I just love obscure book/movie references in general, haha!

~Stay Inspired


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