The Sock Bug

Simple Socks #4: Wooly Mastadon

After all of these, ‘life happens’ posts, you guys are probably wondering what’s up. Is she really knitting? What is the point of looking at the blog? Well, the truth is, I hear ya. I don’t like blogs that forget their purpose, so lets remedy that shall we. As of late, I have been knitting socks like nobody’s business. Now, I’m not cranking out socks like other people on the interwebs (I mean, the Knit Girllls, seriously, I can’t keep up), but for me this is a record. In past years I have knit like 5 pairs of real socks total, and 3 of those were slipper/dorm socks that I couldn’t wear out of the house. I just didn’t get it. I had collected several sock books and sock yarn because duh!, it doesn’t count in the stash. Yet, I wasn’t knitting socks. My two pairs of socks knitted with sock yarn sat in my drawer lonely and neglected. I was afraid to wear them because I only had two pairs. I didn’t think I could knit more. I got second sock syndrome half-way through the first sock.

Last fall, it clicked. I picked up a pair of socks I had started knitting (gasp!) months before. They were the Skype Socks by Adrienne Ku (project here) and the pattern was great, the yarn was fun, but I just got stuck. Little did I know that when I would pick up these socks later that fall during a weaving class, everything would change. In that weaving class, my professor did not mind if I worked on a project. After all, it was a fiber class and I always paid attention (perhaps more than others). One day I found my socks and brought them in. The pattern clicked and I knitted away. Before I knew it. January was here and my socks were done. That was all I needed. I had caught the sock bug, and I was ready for more.

The next step in my adventure was to find someone to knit socks for. I felt selfish keeping all of the socks I knit, so once again, I turned to my Mom. I had her pick out a yarn on a KnitPicks sale, had her pick out a pattern from one of my books and went off. A little over a month later the socks were complete. I kept going.

Yet, I wanted something different. I had heard about after-thought heels and simple sock recipes. I felt it was time to find my own. I compiled a sock recipe from several patterns and went to work. My first pair of plain toe-up socks was born. They were so easy and travel-friendly. I saved the heels for home so I could knit my socks without looking, put the waste-yarn in for the heel and go on my merry way. It was wonderful. (Ravelry project pages here, here, and here)

…And it hasn’t stopped. People think I’m strange, that I’m crazy for willingly knitting something that goes on my feet with expensive yarn and tiny needles. They see this as tedious needless work and a waste of time. I see it as fun, as a stress reliever for a hard day, as therapy for the storms in life. I see it as sanity in a ball of sock yarn and some tiny size 1 needles. I knit everywhere on my socks now, and I feel naked without a pair of socks on the needles traveling with me to work, church, family and friend’s houses and outings. I knit during my breaks and lunch breaks at work. I knit during church get-togethers. I knit during game nights with friends. I knit while visiting with family. I knit and I love every minute of it.

This year alone I have completed 4 pairs of socks (not counting the Skype socks I started the year before). I am close to putting the waste yarn for the heel in the first sock of my next pair. Many people make goals for the number of pairs they want to knit in a year. I will simply just look on 2014 in amazement as the year that sock-knitting clicked. This will be the year that without a goal I blew my old sock knitting record of 5 pairs of socks over around 5 years out of the water. Most importantly, this will be the year that I became more comfortable knitting in front of strangers, and actually feeling proud to do it. When I look at these socks, they will not only remind me of how far I’ve come with sock knitting, but also the community it brings along with it.

~Stay Inspired


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