Facing the Facts: Life Goals

Facing Your Goals

Goals, you set them and aim to reach them. I have never really kept goals, but there has been a tremor in the force. Now to give you some background, I’m not much of a goal person. I live by deadlines, don’t get me wrong, but when it comes to goals I just don’t really follow them. I have some short term tasks I need to take care of but I never consider them goals because I just don’t keep them. It’s just me. I’ve tried writing them down, telling people, anything to keep me accountable but I guess this type of thing just isn’t me. Sure I do things similar to setting goals like to-do lists and intense planning in my planner. Yet, I just don’t view these as goals.

Until now. This past week I have realized I do have one life goal that is really big and would be a huge step in my life. It is a goal so big it scares me, but here it is: I want to become a designer for a major knitting magazine or fiber publication company. There, I said it. Graphic design and fiber are my two passions. I love a lot of things, like music, reading, and animals, but graphic design and fiber play trump. Any way to combine these two passions is a beautiful thing. The more I work on side projects and freelance work, the more I realize that this is something I want to do someday. I understand this won’t happen overnight. I understand that this could never happen. That’s what goals are for isn’t it; aim towards something that you truly care about or want to happen. Here’s to big goals and working towards them. Every step is a step, let’s make it a step in the right direction. I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do. In the mean time, what are your goals? How do you plan to achieve them. I love to hear about how people move toward their dreams.

~Stay Inspired


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