An Outdoor Reset

Fall Colors: Wooly Mastadon

I love the outdoors. Now granted, I have never gone camping (although it really does sound fun to me), but I love going for walks in the woods, exploring, and just enjoying nature. As a kid growing up, I had four cousins total and three of those four were boys. I saw them the most. What was strange to me was that I was the most willing to go out in the woods and play. I’ve always loved it, and just being outside can boost my mood in no time. This weekend was no exception. I was able to spend some quality time outdoors with my pooch and my camera, messing with settings and taking far too many photos of the fall colors and ummm my dog. It also gave me a little time to enjoy my back porch before the snow flies (because I have complete faith in our Upper Michigan winters starting next week) knitting and crocheting.

A good part of my time spent outside was used for reflection. While I was creating each new stitch and keeping an eye out for my pooch, I was thinking about just how much time I spend on the internet. I don’t need to spend that much time on it, and I really do love the peace I feel when outside without electronics beeping at me telling me I need to ‘stay connected.’ This is some time I really do enjoy and being able to sit in the shade, stitch, and think is a very important part of my life. I don’t do enough of it. Here’s to resetting our schedules before the snow flies to enjoy the fall weather outside without the distractions of the outside world. Everyone needs to see nature sometimes, and what better way than to enjoy it with good company (my pooch), my camera, and my fibery obsessions.

Mazie in Fall: Wooly Mastadon

~Stay Inspired


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