Current Projects: Get it Done!

Okay, I’ll admit it…I may or may not have purchased a small ceramic pumpkin and a set of spiderweb earrings. I may have splurged and bought a few (does 4 still count) bags of candy too, and not just for trick or treaters later this month. Alas, I may have even indulged in the strange tasting shaped sugar pieces that we all like to refer to as candy corn, but I digress. Needles to say, October is here, Halloween is right around the corner, and fall is in full swing. Earilier this week I shared some of my outdoor adventures with you. Today, I’m sharing my WIPs. Let’s get started, shall we?

This week’s list of working WIPs is pretty short. Once again, and I hate to admit this, but my Elder Tree Shawl is in hibernation. Also, (gasp), but my socks have been set aside as well.

Potholders: Wooly Mastadon

‘How could this be?’ you may ask? Well, it just so happened that I got a reality check last week and realized this is the first year I didn’t knit my Christmas gifts for people in June and July. I hadn’t even chosen what to make yet. Lo and behold at the very end of September I made my choice and started crocheting last week. I decided on (spoiler alert!) hot pads. I’m using the pattern Plenty Thick Hot Pads by Denton Foreman and they are really great (project page here). Granted, they are double thickness so they take twice as long to complete, and when I first started the pattern I thought it was going to turn into a mass of stiches as opposed to a hotpad, but it seems to be going okay. However, my choice of projects is putting me at a disadvantage: I don’t have a lot of time left and I am working a full time job+ (freelance design takes time, read: A LOT OF TIME). We’ll see if I actually get these done. Thus, my socks and shawl are on hold until the frenzy of crocheting is complete.

Pepto Cowl: Wooly Mastadon

Cue second project. The second driving force for my current projects has been to use up some yarn I can’t quite bring myself to give away, but really don’t like/want to see in the stash any longer. Thus, I have been working on a few quick projects to get this yarn OUT. My current venture is using some pretty ‘interesting’ (read, don’t really like but someone will) pink yarn that isn’t the softest into accessories. It’s a bulky yarn and I chose to knit cowls in seed stitch on US size 10 needles (project page here). Thus it worked up quickly and is suprisingly airy. Now, I just need to find some people who really like pink, pepto pink, who would like to buy/take these things off my hands. We’ll see. I had four skeins, I have used up one, am using one, and have two left. Let’s hope for the best.

That’s the state of things around here. I get my last-minute-gift-rush prematurely to the rest of the world (as in all of my panic attacks. I was that kid in school who had a panic attack after the first day of school when the teacher had outlined all of the projects we could look forward too. I honestly had this fear that I had to have them done yesterday, even if the project wouldn’t be happening until the end of the year, sheesh). Anyway, keeping busy and listening to A LOT of music and enjoying lots of iced tea despite the cooler weather. Happy October!

~Stay Inspired



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