News, Recent Obsessions…and Some Ongoing Ones Too

Washi Tape: Wooly Mastadon

Great news! Wooly Mastadon has a Facebook page (here)! Join the community and share it with your crafty friends. That’s what this is all about!

Now, as of late a few things have been keeping me going. I haven’t really shared a whole lot of my life outside of work and fiber, so I thought I’d share a few new things as well.

  • Washi Tape: Yes, I have jumped on the bandwagon, but it’s so pretty. I always aspire to use my planner more and adding washi tape was supposed to help. That lasted a week and now I’m just collecting, collecting, collecting. The kicker is, I am not a scrapbook person. I like stamping and beautiful things, but I don’t like the somewhat kitschy feel of them (sorry, some people do a really good job, it’s just not me). I love a good full page photo book with graphic design elements though, perhaps I can integrate it into that…
  • Music: This is a constant, but besides adding Christmas musing into my rotation as of last month (Mannheim Steamroller is the best, and yes, Christmas music before Thanksgiving, thank you very much), I have a few artists that keep me going. Ellie Goulding, A Fine Frenzy, and Enya are constants but I have really been listening to Lindsey Stirling (her latest album is amazing), Pentatonix (their new album is out and it’s amazing!!!), Ingrid Michaelson (again, latest album, yes!), and Imogen Heap (new album here too and it is sweet!). This is just the tip of the iceberg but seriously, so much goodness is coming from these artists. I love it and they keep me going on hard days.
  • Books: well, I can’t stop reading. I have been working through (and yes I know they are young adult books) the Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Claire. They are pretty much escapist novels for me and I have been motoring through them due to the lower reading level. I just purchased the fifth book, and yes I know I’m behind but remember, full time job…graphic design…fiber.
  • Google Hangouts: Well, why on earth is this here, you ask? It just so happens that people grow up and move away. This is becoming a life saver for me and my friends now that we don’t live in the same town anymore and is most definitely a sanity boost.
  • Candy Corn: October is the only time of year that I deem it okay to eat and enjoy strange tasting molded sugar, just saying. Well, maybe jelly beans for Easter?
  • OWLS: Yes, I have also been on this bandwagon. It started my first year of college. I don’t know why but I realized I really liked owls (and even did a block print based on them). Luckily for me, the owl trend started shortly after and I have been riding the wave since. I will be sad when the trend leaves, there are so many cute/kitschy things out there right now because they are popular. Even my friends know my taste based on owls (it’s that bad). Hey, could the next trend be giraffes, I really like giraffes too!
  • Doctor Who: New season, and yes I like Peter Capaldi. I honestly think Matt Smith was my favorite and David Tennant was great, but Capaldi is doing a good job. That man is funny and knows how to build on the role as he goes. You’re doing the world of Doctor Who justice, thank you!
  • Once Upon a Time: I mean, not much needs to be added. The season premier was last Sunday and my goodness, I couldn’t even knit or crochet during it (but really, Frozen. That was a bit shameless on ABC’s part). When I like a show the world disappears. My friends and family think it’s funny because it only works for a few shows (Warehouse 13 before it got cancelled…bad ScyFy, bad bad ScyFy…and Doctor Who, of course).
  • Clients From Hell: This website is amazing. The stories, it feels like I have personally encountered all of these people. The content of this site is entirely relatable if you do any form of freelance work or even creative work in general. I don’t know why but I go back and read a few each day, partially because it is almost a form of morbid amusement/schadenfreude, but seriously, I can relate to these. It’s like reading stories I could have written myself, and now that they are in the past I can laugh (and groan) at them.

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