New Undertakings: Splitstone

Splitstone by Alicia Plummer: Wooly Mastadon

Ever since I finished modifying my $5 in Paris Sweater, I have been itching to cast on another sweater. The catch was that I only have one sweater’s worth of yarn that is wool (I have three total, and only one of sweater’s worth is yarn I bought, the other two are from my Aunt). The catch to this yarn was that I had a limited amount for my size (I’m not a small person). Thus I went to Ravelry’s advanced search (which I can’t speak enough about, it’s that good) and put in that I wanted to knit a garment with around 1200 yards of yarn. Lo and behold I found Splitstone by Alicia Plummer (my project page here), a knitted shell featuring a cabled panel and a fitted shape. I was excited to find a great pattern and also excited because I hate to admit I have never purchased a pattern through Ravelry. I have always added them to my wish list or used free patterns, so this was new.

I couldn’t wait so that day I swatched using a US size 6 needle and a US size 5 needle. I didn’t get gauge with either (and I was supposed to use US size 7) so I realized I’d have to do some math. Thus I cast on the 2X size and went to work. That was way too large. I ripped it out after a few rows when I realized my problem. Thus I cast on for the 1X size and have been working on the slip rib band. I already love this pattern. Reading through the pattern made my roadmap clear to me and it seems to be a really simple pattern to follow. Almost all of the project pages on Ravelry rave about the pattern and how well it’s written and I sense I’ll be adding my voice into that mix.

Now, I just need to find more time for fiber. I still have my Elder Tree Shawl on the needles (almost through 1 of 2 balls of yarn, yay!), my simple socks, and 4 million potholders to go. I may have even (eep!) been messing around with dyeing yarn and sewing this week. It’s been busy around my job, but seriously fun. Let’s see where this goes, shall we?

~Stay Inspired


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