Project Ideas Please

Camelot Dyeworks Haul: Wooly Mastadon

A few months ago I purchased some yarn from a new to me and local dyer, Camelot Dyeworks. I realized I never shared it with you and would like some ideas from you all. First of all, I just want to say, if you get the chance to visit her shop in person in Calumet, Michigan, do it! It is well stocked and a dream to see all of the handdyed yarns and fibers. She also sells some commercial yarns, needles, wool wash, and notions, but her own work is what I love the most. Thus far I have a skein of her Birthday Cake colorway on the Percival base. I also have a batt in the colorway Bad Fairy. They are both perfect.

Here’s the catch, I’m not sure what to make with each of them. I have decided I don’t want to make socks with the yarn (although it has nylon in it, so it would be fine) because I want the yarn to be seen, it’s so nice. Thus, I have conisdered knitting a hat out of it, perhaps the Sockhead hat. I’m not sold completely on that though, so I need your ideas. Thoughts?

I also would like to spin the batt, but this is uncharted territory for me. I have never spun a batt (that’s the main reason I purchased one of those as opposed to roving) and want to make something awesome with it. Do I ply it? Do I leave it as singles? What do I do once I’ve spun it? Perhaps the answer will come during the process, it often does.

Today I am here to get your thoughts on these projects. What would you make? While your at it, why don’t you go and check out her yarn for yourself!

~Stay Inspired


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