Snowdrifts and Sweaters

snow Wooly Mastadon

It’s here! The snow has finally hit Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and in full force. We are expected to end up with at least 20ish inches of snow after this. Yesterday morning the ground was bare. This morning it feels like the middle of winter. Originally I had requested a day off from work today so that I could go on a field trip with a class from my college (yay for small colleges and letting alum come along). That was postponed due to weather so I got myself and old fashioned snow day. It has been great. Although some basic chores still needed to be done (stupid laundry) I have been able to fit in some quality time with one of my current WIPs. The Splitstone has been on my needles for a few weeks now and in hibernation for most of them. Because of the events in my last post, I ended up abandoning any projects that took a lot of attention and space and went for plain socks. Today I veered back onto the path of my sweater.

Splitstone: Wooly Mastadon

I wasn’t sure how I would keep track of all of the cables and shaping and I had read that some people created spreadsheets to track the progress of the sweater. I decided to get out my graph paper and go to work. The result is a grid with tons of numbers color coded and highlighted sections to alert me to a cable cross or increase/decrease section. I am not the best at memorizing patterns, I end up being one of those people who obsessively checks the pattern (unless I have done serious mods, in which case I ignore it) and makes sure I am on track. This chart has made that so much easier. At this point, my best tip for this sweater: make a chart. It helps so much.

Socks: Wooly Mastadon

I also have started on yet another pair of toe-up socks (full disclosure, I finished that other pair of socks and have worn and washed them once…I just still need to photograph them). When I started them I had received the comment from the people I was talking with that they couldn’t figure out how I could possibly knit socks while not paying attention, especially the toe of a sock. For most of these people, they can knit basic things but have never ventured into sock knitting so they view it with a sort of awe. For me to sit down and start knitting the toe of a sock without any effort while carrying the conversation was amazing to them. I thought it was kind of funny but these are my sanity projects and if I have to pay real close attention to them they just won’t happen.

Spinning is on the docket for this evening, we’ll see if I can finish plying up some fiber and wash some yarn. Look for some exciting projects and new features to come in the next few months. I feel my love of creating coming back with full force and a renewed focus on what my real passions are in life. It’s going to be fun. In the meantime, all of the comforting fiber projects sound perfect right now, along with hot tea, cocoa, a fire in the fireplace, a good book, and a great hand made afghan…oh yeah, and my pooch.

~Stay Inspired

P.S. I may or may not have spent some quality time trudging through the snow, without a jacket, hat or mittens because I had to get the perfect photograph of the snow…now!


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