Thanksgiving Week Adventures

Toe Up Socks: Wooly Mastadon

Whoa there, accidentally dropped off the face of the interwebs for yet another week. I’ll be honest, my computer came out around once a day once Tuesday rolled around. I got up bright and early to go to work Tuesday (yes 5 am is early, perhaps the bright part is a lie at this time of year). After work Tuesday I swung by my college to chat with one of my professors who I consider a great friend. Then I ended the day with my church’s Thanksgiving service. All in all, a busy work day that could have been really bad was ended with a wonderful visit with a friend as well as my church family. Then Wednesday it was off to my Grandmother’s for Thanksgiving for a few days. It was nice, and ended with coming home on Saturday for my Birthday…yippee. That was spent traveling home, doing laundry, and eating pizza and cake with my parents and my dog. Yes, I am boring but I like it that way.

With all of that said and done, I have had some thoughts rolling around my head as well as some rants. Perhaps I’ll skip the rant, well maybe not. Let’s start with that and I’ll keep it short. I hate the concept of Black Friday. It seems two-faced and greedy. I don’t mind people hoping for a sale, but when that encroaches on what is supposed to be a day of thanks…no, just no! I feel that Thanksgiving should be used to give thanks to God for all of your blessings, not preparing to go out at 6pm to buy more than you need for yourself and push people down in the process. I’ve always felt that it is selfish to give thanks but instead of holding that thought and being happy with what you have going out and buying more…junk…that you don’t need at all. Thus, every year I boycott Black Friday by staying home with family, creating, chatting, and having a good time. No crowds, no purchasing, just fun. Perhaps we can make it a thing. I’ve seen a lot online about ‘Craft Friday’. Can we change the culture and make this rule supreme? I certainly hope so, it is much more fulfilling creating something rather than going out and buying yet another flat screen TV because last years just isn’t big enough. Okay, case in point: give thanks and don’t negate it the next day by being selfish and raiding stores. It’s not all bad in the end, some people truly enjoy shopping and use it as family time, but more often than not the intent is just not in the right place. Let’s stay home and enjoy family one more day, creating and sharing company!

All right, got that off my chest. Thanks for listening or not. Now onto the more lighthearted manner of what I created on my mini vacation away from work.

Baby Hats: Wooly Mastadon

For the most part, I’ll have to be honest; I didn’t knit or crochet or craft hardly at all. I spent more time resting and catching up with my Grandma while helping in the kitchen than anything else. My Dad and Uncle also had a huge project slated outside that they decided to do Thanksgiving day (yeah, I don’t know why they chose that day but it worked). By huge, I mean moving a small building (think yard barn but way heavier) across the property. I was enlisted to take photos of the process…it was, interesting. However, when I did knit it was on a project that has been sitting forgotten for a while: baby hats to donate to my local hospital. Over the past two years a friend and I have donated a few hats (maybe 60 since we don’t make these exclusively). I had forgotten about this project and brought it out since knitting those tiny hats is mindless and comforting. I have 3 new ones made to add to the pool (one was already completed and I have another on the needles). All of my other projects that I brought along, including my Splitstone, didn’t get touched. Oops. Ah well, another time. Hopefully as the holidays come full force in the next few weeks, I’ll have more to show you on the creative front. Until next time.

P.S. The opening photo is just proof that yes I did indeed finish another pair of socks. I wore them immediately and then was out of town so I couldn’t snap a photo until Monday of this week.

~Stay Inspired




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