Finish All the Things…

Finish It: Wooly Mastadon

I am a very fortunate person, my Christmas crafting is almost complete. As I have mentioned what feels like a zillion times before, I simplified my Christmas crafting to crocheting potholders for everyone on my list. I bought 2 cones of Peaches and Cream cotton yarn from my local big box store (no comments please, either you deal with it or you hate it) and decided that when the two cones were empty I would stop. What I didn’t realize was just how many potholders these cones would make. I have made so many potholders and am on the last one or two. It has been a long road but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

That brings me to my reason for being here…I have the finishing bug. I watched the latest episode of the Suburban Stitcher Podcast and all of Dianne’s comments about working to cut the number of WIPs down hit home. Now, I don’t have 18ish WIPs but I do have 4 not including the potholders and other bazillion things I want to cast on. For me, 4 WIPs is a ridiculous amount, and one that makes me itch to cut down on the number so I can cast on all of the things. Not to mention, most of these are large scale projects (afghan, sweater, lace shawl). Thus I have a proposition for you. Let’s make a goal of finishing our Christmas knitting early (I know a pipe dream but a dream none the less). Then, let’s make a goal of finishing some of those projects that languish in our project packages, boxes, and bags (you see what I did there…I love you if you get the reference). All of this will be with a goal that when the new year rolls around we can cast on whatever we want, guilt free of our own making. Does that sound like a deal? I think it does and although I might not get very far with this, at least it is a goal and one I actually have a chance at obtaining. Let me know if you’re in on the fun!

P.S. I’ve been thinking about starting a Ravelry group. Anyone interested?

~Stay Inspired


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