Finish it FOs

FOs: Wooly Mastadon

I can’t believe it, but I have several FOs to share today. Well, by several I have two projects but both are very big. First I finished my Christmas gifts, the never ending potholders! In the end I completed 21, 19 of which are the complete green ivy variegated yarn. One is half variegated half cream and the initial test potholder is the solid cream. That was a long standing project of repetition and I am so happy it is finally finished.

FOs: Wooly Mastadon FOs: Wooly Mastadon

The second and most exciting FO I have to share today is, (insert fanfare here) the Elder Tree Shawl! I am so excited. I was on my second ball of yarn and decided on a spur of the moment thought that I should start weighing out how much yarn that a lace row versus a purl row would take and then do some math from there. I have detailed information about how much each row took for me on my Ravelry project page, so take a look if you are interested in the math. It all turned out well because I decided to start weighing the yarn at the perfect time. I realized I could finish the lace repeat that I was on but then I would have to go straight to the garter edge and picot bind off. I was slightly nervous that I wouldn’t be able to finish the bind-off and would have to rip back one of the garter rows but it all worked out and I had yarn to spare (12g to be exact). Blocking was an ordeal and as you can see in the photo, my blocking boards (only the finest kiddo play mat) didn’t quite cut it in size. I am realizing quickly that blocking shawls on the board might not be the best option in future because it just isn’t big enough and lends itself to making wonky shaped shawls. I don’t want to get more blocks because I just don’t have space for them, but I digress. The shawl blocked out quite well.

FOs: Wooly Mastadon

This has been an exciting weekend. Two large projects completed and checked off the list. Next up my scrap afghan and Splitstone. Frankly I foresee the Splitstone being more of a treat to knit because it will take some thought but is so much fun. The scrap afghan is my mindless crocheting. Socks, of course, are my travel to work/church/etc. project. My goal, finish that afghan so I can savor knitting my sweater. We’ll see. I’m feeling pretty good about my finishing mojo right now, perhaps I’ll just get that FO list knocked down a bit for the new year. How will you finish your projects? Is it a goal? Do tell.

Otherwise around here Christmas is in full swing: Christmas music on the CD player hooked up to the stereo, decorations everywhere, my mini tree in the process of decoration (and by mini I mean 4.5 feet ahem, hehe), cookies baking every few days, and just a joyous attitude to go with it. I truly love this season, especially because I know the real reason (Christ, our savior’s birth) and not the commercial one! Hope that your weekend and upcoming weeks bring some joy and not just frazzled shopping and work. It is a wonderful time of year. Embrace it!

~Stay Inspired


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