Scrap Afghans Attack

Scrap Afghan: Wooly Mastadon

This scrap afghan has been mentioned a lot recently around here, but I realized I haven’t really explained what is going on. Just about every year at the start of summer I get this urge to BUST THROUGH ALL THE STASH! Typically, I then pull out all of my yarn, sort it, organize it, and think of a bazillion projects I want to make. I am growing as a knitter, crocheter, fiber enthusiast, so I often gravitate to yarns with natural fiber content, often wool, or something a little nicer and upscale. However, my budget doesn’t allow for much of that yarn and neither does my family’s budget, so I have a ton of acrylic sitting around begging to be used (and some, not many but some, that I want to get out NOW because I am just not a fan of it…hey it happens). Granted, my stash of Caron Simply Soft is of my own making because it is my absolute favorite for Amigurumi, but the rest often gets out of hand. I get a lot of Red Heart Super Saver throughout the year from different people, but frankly, it just isn’t the softest (although it definitely has its uses). Thus, just about every year, I turn to some sort of scrap afghan. Cue the frantic digging in my stash to find anything that might work (which is a lot, enough for a few blankets, not just one). This year I searched through my Crochet Today magazine archives and found the Chemistry Blanket by Marty Miller, and was intrigued by the offset shape and colors. I immediately started working, only to realize that I had seriously messed up the motifs about 8 pieces in and they were all circles instead of hexagons.

Well, I went with it and have been working on it on and off for the past several months. It is a project that I pick up and work on, perhaps bust through a ton of circles, and then let sit. With the finishing bug I mentioned in a past post, and the Elder Tree Shawl and potholders under my belt, I decided to work on this afghan figuring it would take me forever to finish the motifs, much less consider a border color and start connecting them. Then a lazy Sunday came and a new series called The Librarians aired (and may I say it is pretty good, perhaps not as good as the movies they made but good) and I realized I was 10 motifs away from seeing if I had enough motifs to fit my idea and close enough to the border that I had to figure it out. In the original pattern, there is no fancy border and the shape of the afghan is non-traditional. Because of my fluke with the pattern, I decided to default to my black border and finishing method, one that has not treated me badly since I started it with a massive granny square afghan that is still by far my favorite. I also decided to make more motifs and create a semi-rectangular afghan. Ironically, I had to buy the black yarn, but alas, such is life. Now I am on my way to finishing up the motifs and connecting the afghan together.

Will I finish this before Christmas? Probably not, but I am sure happy with my progress and that the end is finally in sight. Do you use your scrap yarns for anything? What is your go-to stashbusing pattern of choice?

~Stay Inspired


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