Finish It Fail

Finish It Fail: Wooly Mastadon

Okay, I’ll admit it. I was doing pretty well working on finishing all the things I had already started, and then I got an urge to use up some stash I have had forever. Now, normally I can just ignore it and move on, but every once in a while (like with my pepto cowl), I need to do it now. That happened with some Red Heart Holiday yarn I have had for several (read at least 5) years. I need to use that stuff and earlier in fall had gone down the rabbit hole that we know as Ravelry and found several quick Christmas knits that I could create to use this yarn. I found a pattern for this Country Christmas Tree Garland and fell in love with the trees as a single item. Thus, I decided to add one final item to the Christmas gift crocheting and started creating these trees. I will attach one to each gift for the holidays. These are super quick and easy, I already have the pattern memorized. I know I’m not finishing my current 3 WIPs, but alas, this is not all of the damage.

I am a sucker for punishment when someone asks me to make them something, especially when it comes to my Mom. Thus, I knew she would be needing a lot of warmth as she is going through chemo during the winter season. She had asked me if I could make her an assortment of hats that she could wear around the house and outside for different seasons and outfits. Of course, I couldn’t say no so I dug through my stash with her help and found several yarns and patterns to create some awesome hats. Technically, I haven’t cast these on yet, but I know full well that before Christmas hits I will start, so this is also yet another count towards the WIP pile that never goes down, only grows.

Now, I feel that the hats don’t really count as a fail, because they, in fact, are necessary for my mother who really will need them in the coming weeks. However, the tress are purely extra and me not being able to keep from starting something new. We’ll see how this goes. In the mean time, I’ll try to finish up the scrap afghan and the tress so that I only have a few more projects to tackle with the new year. How does that sound?

~Stay Inspired


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