Stash Dive: Chemo Caps

Stash for Chemo Caps: Wooly Mastadon

A while back I was finally able to sit down with my Mom and go through my stash to create some hats for her. She ended up choosing several yarns to make several styles of hats. Here is the assortment. Of all of the different yarns she chose, I have only used two of them, Vanna’s Choice from Lion Brand and Red Heart Super Saver (the large brown skein pictured below). All of the other yarns, including Lion Brand Amazing and Red Heart With Love I have never used. It will be nice to see how they work up, and more importantly hold up. I have several styles of hats that my Mom would like to try, and I’ll post those as I go. This is part of what I’ve been working on during the holidays so there you have it.

Stash for Chemo Caps: Wooly Mastadon


Just so you have some reference here is a list of yarns and colorways, starting clockwise in the first photo and moving down, brand name : color,

  • Lion Brand Amazing : Glacier Bay
  • Caron ¬†Dazzleaire : Aubergine
  • Verde : 01
  • Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice : Seaspray Mist
  • Red Heart Super Saver : Brown? (don’t have ball band)
  • Red Heart With Love : Black

That’s it for now. I’ll keep you posted on how my stash down is going and how these hats are coming. Stay crafty, 2014 isn’t over yet!

~Stay Inspired


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