2015 Crafty Resolutions

New Years Resolutions: Wooly Mastadon

So, this is an obligatory post in the blog world. In the past few years it has been popular to choose a word for the year to live by. Others set a goal of how many pairs of socks they want to knit. Yet others create monthly projects to knit, crochet, or spin. I have been thinking about this and am really not sure if a new year’s resolution is the right thing for me. I don’t typically set goals, and it can be a challenge to keep certain projects at the top of my queue all year long. More often than not, I get an idea in my head on a whim, and it sticks so I follow through and make something cool. Normally this even works for me, but it means no planning or resolutions, just spur of the moment awesome. It’s a cycle, and normally goes between I don’t have any yarn in my stash, I must find a new project, and I will only use my stash to do a year long stash-down. You know how it goes.

Thus, perhaps my New Years Resolutions should just be an affirmation of what I always do: I will knit/crochet/spin/create what I want when the time is right or I get an idea that has to happen. I will go with the flow. I also want to add one more resolution to this space, that I want to stick with it and grow this space into something awesome. I love writing this blog, and I have never felt that way about any other blogs I started or was in charge of. There are always new ideas that I can write about, new projects, or just thoughts. It’s a wonderful feeling.

With that, my friends, I leave you with this: Happy New Year! I hope that 2015 brings lots of joy, blessings, new adventures, personal growth, and creativity that never ends. It’s a new year, a fresh start. Why not make something amazing from it?

~Stay Inspired


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