Thoughts on Starting a New Year

Starting Fresh: Wooly Mastadon

Now, from my post on New Year’s Resolutions, you already know a little about me, mainly that I just don’t do those at all. I don’t find them motivating, just cliche. I love that for some people it is the push they need to restart their life and do something great, but for me, it just isn’t a game changer. Yet, with the new year always comes change and I think it is the perfect time to embrace it. For one, I am no fitness guru. I get home exhausted from work being on my feet and decide that that was my ‘exercise’ for the day, considering I was walking and lifting heavy things all day. It is no excuse but that’s almost always how it plays out when I come home ready for bed. I’m not into starting the latest and greatest diet program because last years didn’t pan out. I’m not into going through the house, tossing everything except the kitchen sink and the bath mat, and starting fresh (wait, we have a bath mat?). I see through all the elliptical and treadmill commercials claiming that these products are what you must have to go into the new year the right way. In fact, all of the extreme measures touted as good resolutions drive me up a wall. I hate that society pushes extreme measures in order to be healthy or start the year off right. I want to throw the TV out the window the whole two minutes I watch it a month just because that two minutes had fitness commercials and diet pill ads claiming you could be like this too in two weeks. It drives me nuts, you can see a pattern here.

And yet…there is something about starting a new year. I don’t do the choose the word to represent your year thing, but I do feel that coming into January and a new year holds this feeling: starting fresh. You have a clean slate in a new year, and 20/20 vision of what happened in the year previous. You can analyze your decisions and see what you learned to make the next year better. You can start cleaning your house a little every week to make things easier. You can start eating a little healthier than you did before. You can start walking a couple days a week to make your pooch the happiest ever and your body happier too. You can make small changes that may either stick or fall away, but at least you tried.

This idea of a fresh start is catching, exciting even. I don’t do diet programs (although a lot of people probably think I should). Instead, I lean towards just living by a balanced healthy diet. When the new year rolls around, I just find myself wanting to eat better, and not because of what the media tells me. I want to eat better because starting with the day after Thanksgiving my balanced diet normally flies out the window. I make and eat cookies, I enjoy with family hearty rich meals, I indulge every once in a while and eat too much. When January rolls around, all I really want is a crisp Cesar  salad to enjoy. I just want that fresh citrus that we are so blessed to have this time of year. I want the healthy alternative to that sandwich, that taco, that whatever. I go on Pinterest and all of the healthy eating foods just look good. It’s not because they are healthy that I’m drawn to them, but rather the greens, the veggies, everything looks good.

I also get the urge to go back to more natural house products and beauty products with the new year. I come from a family that tries to ‘go green’ whenever feasible, and that often manifests itself in homemade cleaning and bath products, in reuse and handmade. With the holidays, all of the energies saved for making get focused on holiday baking, homemade gifts, etc. The homemade cleaning products get left in the dust. With the new year, I want to refocus my creative energy to make these again, and I want to go back to a simpler, greener life. I want to clean out the house and slowly go through all the stuff I’ve amassed through the year/s and take whatever is still good to those who can use it. I want to use my yarn stash to share the love, not just for myself.

In essence, I want to start fresh…and not because some model in the media told me to. It really is a freeing and great feeling. There were a lot of words there. Thanks for sticking with me. What does the new year bring for you? What are your feelings on this?

~Stay Inspired


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