Where Have All the Fiber Crafts Gone…Current WIPs

Current WIPs: Wooly Mastadon

You might have noticed that there have been a lot of word/thought heavy posts around here lately, and not many fiber creations. Well, I’ll have to admit that coming out of my favorite season I have been just plain old tired. With all of the festivities, mini-trips, and work in the mix, I was burning the candle at both ends. I love it this way, but it has caught up with me for the new year…plain and simple, I’ve had a little burnout. I’ve found myself just not wanting to create so much and  just opting to rest on the couch, watch podcasts or Doctor Who (that Christmas special…whoa boy), and reset. You better believe that my creative juices have been running though (burnout never lasts long for me, thank goodness), but I go in stages. Often I hit a stage that is all writing, planning and scheming. I read up on a lot of things, learn about new stuff, and write a lot in a sketchbook. This seems to happen more with the new year when I recharge. However, it has been driving me nuts that the most knitting I have been doing has been on breaks at work and I haven’t really been spinning or crocheting at all. So alas, I got my butt in gear and at least wanted to show you something, other than all these thought posts (man, if anything this blog is a good motivator). So, without further ado, here you go…

This week has become all about the spinning. I brought the wheel out (it had to be demoted to the bedroom because of the Christmas tree) and started spinning my rainbow fiber I had dyed last spring. It is a bit felted in some spots but not near as badly as I had expected…I didn’t have to scrap the project. I am on the second bobbin and am looking forward to plying this. I’m torn though, do I navajo ply the lot or two-ply the bobbins together? Alas, I’ll make a decision.

Current WIPs: Wooly Mastadon

The other project I worked on for only a brief moment is my Scrap Yarn Afghan. I realized when counting my motifs that I only needed to make one more and then I should be done. I still have to lay it out, add borders, and then connect the whole thing, but that is a huge step.

Current WIPs: Wooly Mastadon

Finally, I have been working on my socks and scheming for more projects. I still have a few more hats planned for my Mother and have a plan to make a bunch of basic cowls (my recipe) to use up some stash and make a bunch of gifts for the gift box. We’ll see how far I get as I have had the past two days off and am working again through the weekend. Alas, it is so nice to have a day to create.

Well, that is what is going on around here other then me trying to shake the urge to cast on another 20 things before the weekend is over. We’ll see how I do. What are your projects looking like? Oh, and should I Navajo or 2 ply that fiber?

~Stay Inspired



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