Big Projects, Just Not Crafty Either

Big Projects: Wooly Mastadon

Well, it got kind of quiet around here all of a sudden. In part, it has been because of lack of internet access (routers, etc, stink!). The other part, on the other hand, was because of my current efforts to create a desk space for myself a midst the chaos. I had two days off this past week that I took to organize (clean, purge, sort) my ‘desk’ and start fresh. Now, let’s clarify here. The desk I had was an old computer desk that I inherited from my Dad (aka, he didn’t want it so I have had this thing since I was little). I’ve never been able to use it as a desk since you couldn’t fit your legs under it as a table, they just slam into shelves. It definitely wasn’t created to be used as a writing desk, as I would have liked it, and with laptops this desk is definitely outmoded. It lived most of its life piled high with crap I didn’t want to deal with, and what I did want I couldn’t get at. So, I decided to take a new approach and start fresh.

This space is small, I mean really small. Any manufactured desk would not fit, mainly because I am putting this into a space that a small, compact desk would have fit. I need shelf space, as I do have a lot of office/art/craft supplies that need to go back into this space, even with purging several trash bags of stuff (yeah, it was bad). My solution: to get a tall bookshelf and put it up in the place of the desk. The desk was quite large depth-wise so I will still have space to put a small table in front to use a the desk space. The shelves will provide the storage I need and will help me keep focused on keeping the desk space clean. My only hurtle now is to find a table small enough to fit. I’ll be hitting the thrift stores soon, but if all else fails I might have found myself a DIY project which means surfing the internet, finding a project, and begging my father to help with the process in his shop. We’ll see.

Let’s just say that while this project has been going on, not a stitch was knit, or a single bit of fiber spun. Don’t worry, that picked up once the project was over. Yet, I was so focused on cleaning out a space and pushing towards the final goal, that this consumed most of my two days off. I realized that even if I don’t want to live where I am forever, I still need a decent space to make my work, my art, and be productive. Living with a desk as trash heap was not a healthy move, and I am really hoping to have a place to use to write this blog (that doesn’t involve the kitchen table). I am hopeful. Hey with the new year, this definitely fits in with the idea of starting fresh. I’ll be back, hopefully with internet and some projects to share. Until then,

~Stay Inspired

P.S. Please don’t judge my mess. I’m being honest here, and my space is full of stuff. I purge as much as I can when I sort through stuff, but what I really wish for someday is a studio. That isn’t my stage in life right now, but someday…


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