Stash Down: A New Method

Stash Down: Wooly Mastadon

I have a lot of yarn…scratch that, I have a ton of yarn. I have yarn up to my eyeballs. There is a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I am so blessed to have such a nice yarn stash. Yet, this means that my yarn storage just isn’t cutting it. I have bags of yarn just sitting on the floor in my room, and baskets of yarn living in the spare bedroom. I have nowhere to go with it. Thus, upon considering this problem, I have come up with a plan. The plan: move all of the stash I want to use and want OUT into the bags and baskets and out of my storage bins. Move that yarn so that you trip over it and end up either donating it or using it. I want to move all that yarn so that I know what needs to be part of the stash bust movement and what can stay. It seems like a good plan, we’ll see how it goes.

Moving all of my yarn is an ordeal, so sorting through it to move yarn out vs in my bins was a long task, but my days off are 50% create, 50% clean so this fits the bill for cleaning. I had to pull out all of my bins of yarn, just to see what I actually had, with the goal of putting some of my nicer stash in the bins. It turned out that I had a decent amount of yarn that I just wasn’t going to use at all, and that ended up being donated or given to a family member that would actually use it. Unfortunately, quite a bit of the yarn in certain bins was novelty yarn that I had no idea what to make with (eyelash and fluffy yarns). I kept some of it to make scarves for people and some to use for amigurumi, but the rest ended up getting moved out of my stash. Over the course of a day, things started to look better. I got on a stash busting kick for the following few days and made a few cowls, a scarf, and started another.

The thing is, I got stuck. I want to use this yarn up and move it out of my stash, but I also have realized that I want to design more knitting patterns. I got sidetracked, pulled out one of my nice skeins of yarn, and started making (huge hint of what is to come if all works out, yay!). Now my half-finished stash busting scarf sits there, forlorn and depressing. I just don’t know if I want to continue with this process or not anymore. I feel torn in two directions. Alas, it seems that my life will be caught between two worlds, that of using up what I want to get out, and that of designing and knitting fancy things with the nice stash. Who knows.

What are your thoughts on using stash? Do you want it out, or do you mind if the yarn starts creeping out of its storage spaces? Do tell!

~Stay Inspired


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