Some Project Updates

Current Projects: Wooly Mastadon

This winter of 2015 is kicking my butt. In all seriousness, I have been more tired this winter than I have been in a long time…and cold, really cold! Now, before any of you can say, hey wait, it could be a medical reason, I know that, and I’ve considered it (without going into detail, I was diagnosed with something that caused this and a whole lot more a few years ago and it is taken care of). Yet, many of the people I have spoken with lately have said they were experiencing the same thing: the cold, the tired, the lack of drive to do anything or get any projects done. I’ve concluded that although this winter hasn’t brought about the worst or snowiest weather in recent years, it is taking the cake for being especially dark. It’s to the point that when the sun does come out, all I want to do is sit in it. It normally doesn’t hit me this hard, but I went into the new year tired and dealing with a lot of change. It appears to have become the perfect mix of elements.

All this explanation to say, there just isn’t a whole lot to show this week. I got into a real stash-down mode last week, and completed a scarf in one day, finished one I had started earlier, and started another. Then, the next day I had some inspirational chat time with a good friend in the fiber community, and it pushed me to pick up a new side of fiber, finally. I will say that I am taking a stab at designing. I am not promising anything of what I am currently attempting, because it might be a huge flop and you will never see it here. Let’s just say that most of my energy has been spent on this one project, in hopes that it will be ready soon. Until then, my socks are on hold, as well as a stash-down scarf. I have spun on my wheel probably about an hour this week on and off, but not enough to make serious progress on my rainbow yarn. I am working, creating, and meeting with friends and other creatives this week. It has all been a good move towards re-charing and getting back into my projects and art. We’ll see what happens, but do know that good things are on the menu for this space, and that as I try to get back into a better personal work schedule, more designs will come.

~Stay Inspired


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