Knitwear Design: It’s Coming

Design: Wooly Mastadon

Last week I had a very fun experience, one of meeting with a knitwear designer that lives in my town. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, and neither was she, as we had been connected by my professor in the fiber department at my University. That professor knew I was interested in starting to design knitwear, and encouraged a visit. The end of 2014 happened with lots of events good and bad and that visit fell to the wayside. Then early last week I was finally able to set up a visit, just hoping to absorb any pattern designing knowledge that I possibly could get by a person who had a design published in just about every popular knitwear magazine (including Vogue Knitting and Inteweave!). It all ended up with me sitting in her knitting room listening to her chatting about her process and showing me samples, garments, sketches, proposals, everything! It was wonderful and spoiler, I got to see this sweater in person, the exact one that was on the model at the photo shoot. I might have fan-girled a bit inside to touch it. Sheesh, I’m still excited about that. We ended our visit with me promising to come back with my first attempt at designing and a draft of a pattern in hand, ready for the middle of this month! All of the explanation to say that most of my knitting time in the past week and a half has been towards a new design that will be appearing here soon. My spoiler will be that this is a hat with a small lace panel. Look for that design towards the end of the month or the beginning of the following if all works out. I’m still on the fence about charging for this pattern so we’ll see. (Hey, do any of you have suggestions on how to do the whole Paypal-Ravelry connection thing).

Besides that project, I have got the bug to start something new. I’ve been researching different stitch dictionaries that are available online and know that the Barbara Walker books definitely have to be added to my library ASAP. I’m putting out a call to all of you. Do you have any designing books or stitch dictionaries that you love and absolutely have to be in my library? What books made you a better designer?

All of this is almost maddening, the fact that I want to design all the things. Let’s ride this wave and see what happens, shall we.

~Stay Inspired


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