Current Mini-Projects

Current Mini Projects: Wooly Mastadon

Besides all of the design stuff that has been going on around here lately, I have been picking up small projects here and there to work on. I picked up my socks once more and they have been traveling with me to work. My simple striped scarf has been getting a little love here and there, although the fuzziness of this yarn can be annoying to knit with. My spinning has been on and off, just whenever I think of it, but I’ve been enjoying my time.

One of the different things I did this week was make some basic ring stitch markers. I typically make lobster claw stitch markers (I’ll share some pictures in the future), as I can use them for crochet as well as knit fabrics, but I have been loving these little beauties for my sock knitting. The only thing is the first round of markers that I made a while back didn’t hold up well and the bead came loose from the glue. Thus, I did some research, chose a new glue, and made a new set. Who knows, perhaps I’ll go back to one of my original ideas for an Etsy shop and sell sets of both kinds of stitch markers. I just need to field test these first.

Otherwise I have been doing a lot on the lines of making myself feel comfortable in my own skin, and making my space more inhabitable and rewarding. Perhaps I’ll share some of this journey at some point, with the hope that someone else could benefit from it, but for the time being, let’s just say that starting to make a few habits and revamping everyday spaces has really been helping. I won’t lie, I’m still tired (a combo of weird hours at work and lack of sunlight), but when the sun comes out and I actually get some sleep I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ll get through this winter season, and hopefully with some good changes put into operation along with it.

~Stay Inspired


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