When the Thoughts Dry Up & New Things Happen

Different Things: Wooly MastadonIt has been a week. Sometimes things come and go, and life get’s crazy. The end of this past week was one of those. It involved back to back work schedules with 8 hours in between shifts (and a one day sale which was crazy busy to boot) and me trying to help work with an event to benefit my local community arts center (oh yea, did I mention I’m on the board of directors for my community arts center. It’s pretty cool.). All in all by the time I got to Saturday and my last evening shift for work before two days off I was sore, tired and just plain done. It seems that things go in waves and this is one of the recoup waves. But, I think that is probably enough on the woes of uninteresting, hectic schedules.

I said I might in future share a few things about me and how I am slowly trying to use 2015 as the year where I make some new better habits for myself that make me feel better and perhaps more confident. One of those things has been redoing my work space and bedroom into something that I could use. Revamping storage space, designing, and a few other pieces fit into that puzzle. The other part is one I have sort of neglected to mention here, but feel it’s fair if I want to share what I’ve been spending my time on.

So here it is, my self-confidence isn’t that high. Part of 2015 has been to focus on making this better, except the ways that I am going about this are very different for me. One of those methods: makeup. Now, let’s get this out there. I am an anti-makeup girl. I identify with not wearing makeup, and if for some reason I have to wear it, I make a fuss through the whole process. I feel embarrased when I wear it because I feel that I went against my anti-makeup values….it is all rediculous. My Mom knows how to do makeup and make it look natural, so I didn’t grow up around people trowling it on. Heck, my Aunt is a Mary Kay consultant and is pretty high up there in her business. I think as a kid I got scared away because of stage makeup (blue eyeshadow and red lipstick as a tomboy kid is not a good combo), but that is for another time. Needless to say, I am starting to revise my ideas.

As a 20-something seeking a way to get into the professional world, either in graphic design or fiber (preferably both somehow), it has dawned on me several times that at some point, for an interview, I will have to be at my best and that will probably have to include makeup. I felt at a disadvantage because I had no idea how to apply any of it, and that I had never taken advantage of just asking my Mom for a tutorial. Well, last week I bit the bullet and asked. This meant me personally breaking down all of my stubborn self-made rediculous ‘values’ about being makeup free. She showed me a few things and went shopping with me to get what I needed, and has seemed pretty excited about the whole thing, as she likes doing makeup (I had a few things just because I thought it was wise to have it in case of said interview situation).

It has been an experience. For now, I’m in the process of fazing it in. At this point, I’m just wearing enough to cover-up some of my blemishes and redness (which is a lot, unfortunately) so that I have more confidence working with people at my part time job. Slowly I’ll faze in eye makeup (eye-shadow, mascara, eyeliner), but for now, I’m just getting used to this whole thing. That leads to what I’ve been doing with all my time, watching Estee’s Lalonde videos on YouTube: Essie Button. I went down the rabbit whole of beginner makeup tutorials on Pinterest (follow me here) and stumbled upon her. I just like her style, her honesty, and her attitude. Despite the fact that I have no interest to own such a makeup collection or really go past drugstore products, I still find her videos interesting. So in my free time this is what I’ve been up to. Do any of you have thoughts on makeup, on self-esteem, on being anti-makeup? Do tell.

~Stay Inspired


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