Pompom Garland & A How-To

Pompom Garland: Wooly Mastadon


I have been wanting to make a quick pompom garland for some time now and just never got to it. I honestly don’t know why because once I started this project didn’t take much time at all (saying it took 2 hours is pushing it). The yarn is some basic acrylic yarn I bought from a dollar store some time back and wanted to use up. It is surprisingly soft but the label said it wasn’t machine washable. That didn’t stop me from putting an item made from it in the washer and it was fine, but I decided I didn’t want to make gifts out of it and it sat unused. Then in one of my magazines there was a pompom feature. That was it, I just had to make my garland that has been on my mind. It is really simple to make. Perhaps you will make one (or three) in the next few weeks as decor for the upcoming seasons? Anyway, what follows is more of a recipe than a full-on tutorial. I just got caught up in making this and it was very easy.

Here’s what I did:


  • Scrap yarn in various colors (enough to make pompoms, but don’t stress it. As you can see I mixed colors in some of mine and they aren’t perfect but that is okay)
  • Scrap Yarn or Twine for Garland Strand
  • Scissors
  • Pompom Maker or Cardboard (I used my Clover PomPom maker)
  • Tapestry Needle

Let’s get started.

  1. Measure the space you are going to put your garland. For example, my end destination for this garland will be over my closet door so I measured how wide it is and then added length for drape. This isn’t exact, you just want enough extra length so the garland isn’t taut when hanging.
  2. Now make a whole bunch of pompoms. For the garland pictured, there are eleven 2.5 inch pompoms. Make as many as you want to fill out your desired length. I used my clover pompom makers. All About Ami posted a great tutorial a while back on how to use these here (apparently I wasn’t the only person who didn’t find the instructions for these inside the packaging until after I Googled how to use them). Also, don’t cut the tails when you tie the pompom together. We’ll use them later.
  3. Make the garland strand. I used white acrylic yarn and made a crocheted chain to my desired length. It didn’t take very long and I felt that my pompoms needed a bit more substantial of a base. It also balances out the appearance of the finished garland.                                                               Pompom Garland: Wooly Mastadon
  4. Sew the pompoms onto the garland. I set my strand for the garland out on the floor and spaced out my pompoms by eye. Then I tied the pompoms onto the garland with the tail from the center tie of the pompom itself. I simply threaded one end onto a darning needle and ran that through the chain. Then I tied the two tails together in a knot. They won’t slip around on the garland this way.

Pompom Garland: Wooly Mastadon

Display your garland with pride. Don’t think too hard with this. I didn’t measure anything but the end length of the strand and about 6 inches on each end of the garland before the pompoms start. Simple, fast, easy.

I hope you enjoy making your own. Share your images with me. Also, if you share your photos on twitter, use #WoolyMastadon so I can see what you make!

~Stay Inspired



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