WIPs, Hats and Things

Knitting Hats: Wooly Mastadon

The sun has come out!!!! Granted it was 18 below zero yesterday morning, but you know, you take what you can get. It’s been cold, and that has definitely made me want to spend more time with my hand knits (when I’m not tucked up under a blanket trying to get warm, that is). Thus, when I realized I had not yet fulfilled my Mother’s request for another chemo cap, I got to it. This time it is once again in a Red Heart With Love yarn. I find that it is pleasantly soft and it does seem to hold up to a good amount of wear and washing. Thus, one in a tan color was requested, a pattern was decided upon from a stitch pattern book, and the hat started to happen.

Knitting Hats: Wooly Mastadon

I basically wing it when designing basic hats, and it either fails terribly or works quite well. This time it worked, and I had a hat that was warm but also stylish (see more details on Ravelry here). Because I can’t leave things alone, I also started another hat for my Mother in a navy color. It is Red Heart Super Saver once again. Here’s to hoping that this pattern works well to. Until then, I’ll be knitting away at hats and finally putting the heels into my socks.

If all work out, I’ll be releasing the patterns for these two basic beanies soon. What are you up to? Do share!

~Stay Inspired


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