Cones of Awesome: A Yarn Haul

Yarn and Fiber Haul: Wooly Mastadon

As promised from my last post, I am sharing yet another yarn haul. This past Friday, my local community arts center held another fundraiser. Each year they host what is called a Fiberama, where people from the community donate yarn, fiber, fabric, etc. to sell to benefit the arts center. I missed the one this last fall (the 2013 event was great so I was sad to miss it), but was thrilled to hear about another one in Spring. The center had such a huge response to the call for donations that they hosted another sale in conjunction with a fiber exhibition. I went to help out, not sure if I’d buy any yarn, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. They were selling yarn by the bag: fill up your bag for a set price. I ended up leaving with three bags and a braid of roving. Why, because most of what was for sale was cones of yarn, the exact thing I wanted to buy to experiment with my fiber art. I couldn’t pass that up. To start, the roving is in the color Ophelia, and is by Chameleon Colorworks. As you can see, for yarn, I got quite a bit in different textures and thicknesses. My main goal was to get something in all of the colors of the rainbow, so that when experimenting with tapestry, coiling, etc., I had options.

Yarn and Fiber Haul: Wooly Mastadon

I am really excited about this. For me, cones of wool and other fibers hold a piece of my heart because of my college fiber classes. The fiber studio had shelves of cones of fiber, all sorted by color, just waiting to be used to experiment and create. Even if it is just a small chance, I still want to recreate a bit of that studio in my home, part nostalgia (bad word…well, that was an inside joke, sorry), but mostly because I love the idea of having something at hand with the purpose of experimenting and creating art. The yarn was very inexpensive so I don’t feel bad failing with it. I’m excited, another way to create and share my love of fiber. How do you experiment? What are your thoughts on cones of yarn?

~Stay Inspired


2 thoughts on “Cones of Awesome: A Yarn Haul

  1. Girphant says:

    That big cone of orange, looks awful familiar… Would you know if it was it in the fiber studio previously? I should’ve come earlier, you got a nice assortment, although granted it’s gonna take me ten and half years to actually work with any of the stuff I bought, yarn wise. Oh and you should experiment…like a new tapestry, like the Dragon Fire one…but for me. Don’t coil though. That’s my thing, I can’t have you getting better than me at that too.


    • vaschwanke says:

      I don’t know if it was in the fiber studio…my guess is no but you never know. I got my yarn at the same time you did, not earlier. But yes, I have been wanting to experiment with tapestry. I just need to make a frame. However, I still want to experiment with coiling too. That doesn’t mean I’ll be better, I know I won’t be, haha, but thanks for the vote of confidence.


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