A Spinning Update!

Spinning Update: Wooly Mastadon

After quite a bit of time, I finally can share a spinning update. I looked at my Ravelry page for this project, and noticed I started spinning this in November. I got a kick in the pants to start working on it again when Dianne of the Suburban Stitcher Podcast started her yearly Rainbow-Along. Since it was open to spinning, I used this as my motivation to finish it up. I went on a plying spree and finished plying the yarn, all on Saturday, but it is now finished and lovely. Here are the stats: 320 yards of about a sport weight to DK weight yarn from 100 grams of my hand dyed fiber.

Spinning Update: Wooly MastadonSpinning Update: Wooly Mastadon

I love it, and am excited to finally, after all this time, put something new on the wheel. I’ll be spinning my batt from Camelot Dyeworks next but I just had to share my project. I love this yarn and am so happy to have it in my yarn stash. I’m thinking a crazy colored shawl, but we’ll see. Until then.

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