FOs and New Projects

Projects this Week: Wooly Mastadon

It has been a week. After my Saturday spinning binge, I set forth to finish a few smaller projects I still had on the needles and later ventured forth to start something new. I managed to finally finish my striped fuzzy scarf. It is sooo soft. The colors and design aren’t really my thing, but I just don’t want to part with it. It is like having a stuffie tied around your neck…so cozy. I also finished another hat for my Mother. It is designed to be a chemo cap but because of some mods I made to length, it is a tad bit longer than normal. It is my Mother’s favorite thus far and I am loving the stitch pattern. There might be more to come with similar texture.

Projects this Week: Wooly MastadonFinally, I started (and finished…I’ll share it at a later date) a new project this week. It is the every popular Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief (my project page here). I had some Lion Brand Amazing yarn in the Mauna Loa colorway that I wanted to try out so I dug it out of my stash and man is it fun. I’d say I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the yarn. It is a single ply of around 53% wool 47% acrylic and it is soft. I was really happy with the color blending and changes in shade. Because it is a single ply, the colors have to be a bit more blended to look nice and they did a great job with slow color changes mixed with more abrupt color speckles. Knitting it up into this shawl has been really fun and I managed to knit over half of it in the first two days. I can’t wait to be able to wear the finished product but I’ll also be sad when the process is over. We shall see, I have another two skeins of this yarn in a different colorway, it might have to become a shawl. I’m loving the pattern as well, and have already considered making it a go to pattern if I want to knit a shawl for someone as a gift. It is so simple yet addicting.

Projects this Week: Wooly Mastadon

Well, that is what is going on in these parts as of late. What are you working on? What are your favorite shawl patterns?

~Stay Inspired


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