What I’m Reading.

What I'm Reading: Wooly Mastadon

I like to read. Granted, I do not go through the number of books many people might in a year, but I read every night and if I don’t my day is ruined. Reading means junk food fiction (fantasy, and scifi please), almost text-book like books and novels, and of course, fiber art books/magazines/etc. Some of my current reads are as follows.

Born Under Saturn by Margot and Rudolf Wittkower: This is more of a text book read, but was very interesting. I finished it up a week or two ago and loved all of the tidbits of info. The book’s format is going through different time periods in art (mainly between the 1400s and the 1800s) and discussing how artists were viewed during that time, how the profession was treated, and delves into the idea of the insane artist. It truly is fascinating if you are interested in ideas similar to these like I am. Be warned: this is not a light read. Go into it with a dictionary if you aren’t familiar with terms.

Summon the Keeper by Tanya Huff : This is one of the junk food fiction books that I mentioned before. I am not very far into it yet, but it seems to be good thus far. It’s a story about magic in our modern world, about the idea that evil breeds more evil, and that eventually, someone has to seal that evil off from the world before more is let in. Of course, a talking cat is involved, and some very stupid imps and manifestations of evil, but I think it will be a great read (I already own the second book so it better be, haha).

Interweave Crochet Spring 2015: Holy cow, the colors. I love this issue’s use of bright color and creative construction. I am not sure that I’d ever make several of the patterns in this issue (last issue had me wanting to make every pattern), but the eye candy is enough to keep me happy. There are some really great articles as well. Pick an issue up if you can.

Mollie Makes Issue 50: I’ll be honest, I absolutely love Mollie Makes. It takes me several days to get through one issue because I pour over it and take my time. It is almost inspiration overload for me. This issue has some great DIY’s and I love the bright, joyful products featured throughout. My favorite aspect, however, has to be the artist/maker interviews with a studio tour. It really makes me realize that I do at some point want to full-time pursue a creative field and that a studio is a must. Also, the kit that came with it, so cute. I need to make that bear.

What I'm Reading: Wooly Mastadon

As for a few other books, I may or may not have been sucked into the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. I have sped through the first two books and am eagerly awaiting the last two to come out in paperback. Full disclosure: I read what I want. If it’s a picture book and I’m interested in it, I’ll read it. Young adult, check. Heavy college + level textbook, I’ll read it. It just has to interest me.

Well, for now that is about it. I have read a bit more than this, but this is the most recent bunch (sans about four million magazines…I didn’t want to make the list too long, haha). What are you reading and looking at? Do share!

~Stay Inspired


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