Quick Update: Spinning

Bad Fairy Batt Spinning: Wooly Mastadon

Why hello…how is life? I just decided to stop in today to share my latest spinning project. I finally started spinning the Bad Fairy batt from Camelot Dyeworks. I am loving it despite the imperfections in my spinning. I have never spun a batt before so adjusting to the different textures and staple lengths is taking a little getting used to but I absolutely love the thick and thin result. The fiber is so soft and squishy. Granted I am spinning this worsted, not woolen, so it will be tightly packed, but it is still so nice. The colors are amazing. I hope to get this completed soon so I can knit with it. Next up after this: not really sure except for the fact that I want to try making a woolen spun yarn, with the long-draw technique. We’ll see. For now, I am loving spinning on my wheel on these sunny and unexpectedly warm (40ish degrees Fahrenheit) days. It is such a boost. Hope you have seen the sun at least once this week where you live. It really does help so much.

~Stay Inspired


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