An FO…and a New Project


Age of Brass and Steam: Wooly Mastadon

Drum-roll please…my Psychedelic Age of Brass and Steam is done! I knit it up in only four days, technically three because one day I wasn’t able to knit on it at all. It went so quickly, I simply couldn’t put it down. The yarn (Lion Brand Amazing in the Mauna Loa colorway) was so fun and surprisingly nice for an extremely commercial yarn. I kept knitting, if only to see the next color emerge. The pattern was very well written and extremely simple. I ended up knitting this at home while watching podcasts, so it was a nice wind-down project. I would also like to add that this project actually fit on my blocking boards so that was a plus. Overall I think this is great. I didn’t get to do the complete final garter stitch section that the pattern called for because I ran out of yarn, but hey, for winging it with different yarn and different needles, I definitely love it.

Age of Brass and Steam: Wooly Mastadon


Mittens: Wooly Mastadon

Here’s the catch though, I knit up my shawl so quickly that I had no time to plan another project. This left me for a bit of time floundering for what to make. I ended up digging through my yarn stash and unearthing some Yarn Bee Rainbow Wool in the color Sunset. I have used this yarn before for mittens and have loved it. Unfortunately, this yarn is discontinued and was sold at Hobby Lobby so I won’t be using it much longer after what is in the stash is gone, but it’s there to be used, right? I love the bright cheery color, just what I need. I’ve been wearing the same two pairs of hand-knit mittens for years now, one wool blend and one acrylic. The wool mittens are a bit big but the better fitting acrylic mittens just aren’t as warm. Thus, this yarn is destined to be mittens (project page here). I already have one mitten knit up and am on my way into the next one. This will be a nice quick project with a much needed result. If you’re interested I’m using the Warmest Mittens pattern by Kris Percival which is free on Ravelry so check it out. This is my second time knitting this pattern and I still love it, easy, simple, nice.

Well, that is it for now. Off to more knitting and spinning.

~Stay Inspired


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