Another FO!

Mittens: Wooly Mastadon

Could it be…could it possibly be?! Yes, I did in fact finish another project. My mittens are now off the needles and ready for the slight cool down we are going to have in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula after several days of 30+ degree Fahrenheit temps. Sunday was 55 degrees! It was awesome, but mittens are still needed (especially to make and throw snowballs for my pooch; she loves to dig for them in snowbanks, haha). They are so bright and fit perfectly: snug but not too tight. Love them.

Mittens: Wooly Mastadon

I started another hat for my Mother as well. She requested one and picked out the yarn in a baby pink color. It really isn’t my favorite color to work with and I haven’t knit much on it because of that. I really need to get on that. I even bring it to work but have no motivation to work on it…ugh. Alas, perhaps I just need to cast on another pair of socks to knit on for a bit. I also need another fun project like a shawl. We’ll see, but for now, that hat! Otherwise lots going on around here, scheming with friends, planning, and making stuff…oh yea, and work of course. Let’s make this week a good one. I’m feeling inspired, are you?

~Stay Inspired


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