Graphic Design…I Really Do Love You

Graphic Design: Wooly Mastadon

No, this post is not going to be a love song to graphic design. It will, however be a bit of a reminder to myself that I really do love graphic design. No, it will not stop me from creating everything in fiber, and it never ever will push out my love for fine art, especially the theory based. However, this is a good reminder that whenever I open Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or even InDesign or DreamWeaver, I find a piece of me that I put on the back shelf for awhile that really should not have been put there. I have had a few clients into the new year and each time I work on a project I remember just how much I enjoy the work. Put on a playlist on Spotify or open Pandora, pull out a sketchbook, pretty pens, and some great design reference books or Pinterest, and get to work. That is what I have been up to this week/weekend (other than work which really nailed me…back to back shifts with less than 8 hours between…I consented to do it but man, it’s tiring). So perhaps you won’t see much going on around here that is fiber based, but perhaps some graphic design in the mix isn’t really a bad thing. Are you interested in graphic design? I hope you are because I love it!

P.S. Do you see that?! It’s my new desk!!!! I was visiting a friend last week who is planning on moving in the next few months and when she heard about my hunt for a small table for a desk, she knew she had just the thing. It is perfect…but more on that later!

~Stay Inspired


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