It’s Finally Done! Rejoice!

Pink Hat: Wooly Mastadon

That hat? The one that stalled my fiber crafting mojo? Yeah, that one; it’s finally done.

Pink Hat: Wooly Mastadon

It took me writing Monday’s post to get my butt in gear and work on it. Who knew all I had left was a half inch of pattern and then the crown decreases. I bit the bullet and finished those yesterday and today I now have a hat for my Mother. Perhaps it is a few weeks overdue (it took me almost three weeks to knit a hat, and that is all that has been on the needles now for a while that I have actively knit on) but it’s done so that is what matters. My new dilemma, what to cast on next. I’m thinking of starting another pair of vanilla socks if I don’t find anything else, but we’ll see. What do you suggest? I need something to slowly nurse my knitting mojo back to life. I’m also feeling the urge to get back to my scrap ‘ghan as well as my sweater in the near future. My wheel is feeling neglected as well. Let’s see how this goes. Do share your ideas for good travel projects as well.

~Stay Inspired


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