New Projects

New Projects: Wooly Mastadon

Friday has come and gone, and you were still left without a blog post. Alas, it has been a wonderful Easter weekend, going into an impromptu additional two days off after the Easter Sunday I requested (the two extra days were not requested, this was just how I got my schedule). My Grandmother came to visit and is staying into Tuesday (yay for bad weather, haha. It forced her to stay an extra day…no one, not even her, regrets this). I have eaten way more candy than I probably have consumed for all of 2015 and perhaps even the Christmas season of 2014. I’ve been keeping busy, taking the photos for my university’s student and alumni fashion show, as well as continuing on some graphic design jobs. I have had some life changing offers, which I felt were not the right fit. I’ve rested, I’ve worked, I’ve been busy. Life is good.

However, I have been knitting up a few small things as of late. Case in point, the dishcloth. I found the pattern for a Double Seed Stitch Washcloth by Laura Doty. Since my Aunt has been requesting dishcloths for some time now, I decided to cast one on. My first one is complete and I am ready to cast on another. Lately, simple projects that can travel have been all I have been wanting to work on. I am burnt out on hats, and this was just something completely different. As for my next sizable projects, I am working on finally adding borders to my scrap ‘ghan motifs so that I can join them together into a blanket eventually. I also need to pick up that Splitstone…it’s making me sound like a broken record, but hopefully it will sink in soon.

All in all, that is the state of things around here. What are you working on?

~Stay Inspired


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