Blanket Squares, Dishclothes, and A Sweater, Oh My!

Project Progress: Wooly Mastadon

For starters, I almost forgot that Friday was coming, and that today was it. Because of my highly varied work schedule, Mondays feel like Saturdays and Fridays feel like Mondays, but that is for another day. Needless to say, when I realized I had yet to take progress pictures of my work, the lighting was crap and I either had to scrap the whole thing and forget about a Friday post or plow blindly on into the abyss that is known as bad photos. Alas, I decided that a post with slightly interesting photos would be better than no post at all after no Friday post last week, so bear with me. We’re all growing. As for this week, I have had bursts of activity, followed by bursts of nothing. I have had a lot to think about considering where I am right now in my career and life as well as some additions (an offer to a masters program at a University was in the list). Needless to say, it has been a roller coaster. For whatever reason, that roller coaster was all I needed to start up my scrap ‘ghan and Splistone once more. Who knows, strange motivators abound.

Project Progress: Wooly Mastadon

So, perhaps I shouldn’t be so happy, but I have a few FOs to share. I finished yet another dishcloth for starters. These are a bit wonky, but I’m not too worried since they are meant to be workhorses and blocking would be pointless. These have been coming with me to work everyday and I have been able to make decent progress because of it. I have some pink variegated yarn to use next, as my recipient likes pink… a lot. Hopefully these will be nice.

Project Progress: Wooly Mastadon

In the FO list I am also including some scrap ‘ghan squares. Yes, this may be cheating but I’m doing it anyway. I realized I had to put borders on these circles to revert them back to what was supposed to be a hexagon originally. They seem a bit wonky but once they have the weight of a whole afghan behind them all will be well (I hope).

Project Progress: Wooly Mastadon

Finally, I have picked up my Splitstone once more. I was puttting it off because of some waist shaping mods that I knew were coming but once I just decided to dive in really wasn’t nearly as hard as I was building it up to be. I have got around 8 inches done and am happily plodding along. Perhaps some of my motivation came from watching December – January’s Knit Girllls podcasts, since it was sweater city and Project Sweater Chest craziness during those months. Regardless I am happy with how this is working out and am excited to keep going.

I have also been doing a bit of spinning, but not enough to show a progress photo here. Next up on the needles will be a pair of socks because I am anticipating a day trip next week if my time-off request was accepted. We shall see. It’s been a heavy project week around here thanks to some languishing WIPs. How are your projects going? Are you into sweater knitting? What are your favorites?

~Stay Inspired


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