They’re Back!

Socks: Wooly Mastadon

Oops. It looks like I inadvertently took a week’s break from blogging. I definitely didn’t do this on purpose, but I think it worked out anyway. This week has been a fun one, with a road trip, some design work, and some not-so-fun hours at work. The weather has been great, so lots of outdoor time has been in order. Needless to say, the week got away with me, but trust me, I was knitting.

As you may have noticed, for the past two-ish months I have not knit socks. I hadn’t even started the toe of a sock. I had lost my momentum and figured I’d pick up the pace again when the time was right. Well, I sure went a while without socks, the one thing I was sure I wouldn’t get sucked into, and I am back. I just can’t go without my beloved socks on the needles as a travel project. In fact, travel was what spurred this project. This week I went to a fiber artist’s weaving studio to see her work and learn about her process. I was lucky enough to be invited to go on this trip with a class from my University as an alum, and boy was it fun. But enough on that for now. You want to know about socks.

For the past couple months, the projects I have been bringing with me as travel projects have been hats and dishcloths. Both are basic and easy to travel with, but both get bulky. When I knit dishcloths, I prefer my bamboo needles and I only own those in straights, not circulars. Thus they are slightly more unwieldy to pack. Hats just have more yarn attached, so they take up space. During the winter, I had a little extra in tow when going places so it wasn’t quite as bad (winter gear takes up space people!), but now as spring arrives the bulk has to go. I feel the need to bring a smaller, more compact project with me, one that will keep my attention and take a decent amount of time to finish, but that I can bring with me and not worry about. This is especially essential for day trips and long car rides where I am not driving. Socks, you are no longer on my break list, we are friends again.

So the specs on my current pair of socks on the needles: I am using a skein of Opal yarn in their ever-continuing rain-forest line. The color is #8465 Ecuador Elly and I am knitting these on size 1 needles, magic looping for security of stitches in transport. It hasn’t even felt like I stopped knitting socks. I checked my sock recipe cheat sheet for reference (I keep it on a 3*5 card in my project bag for brain fart moments) and I was on track. Socks just feel right on the needles, the stitches moving smoothly from one needle to another, knitting, knitting, knitting a tube and putting in the heel later. Alas, perhaps I will take another break from sock knitting at some point, but for now I really am loving socks once more.

~Stay Inspired


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