A Week of Adventures

Thoughts: Wooly Mastadon

Alas, another week has slipped by and I am still trying to catch up. The end is at least in sight so hopes are building once more. As for this week, it included a much needed trip out of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I love this place, don’t get me wrong, but the last time I left home for more than 12 hours was around Christmas. That was quite a while back. Thus, traveling, even if it was just 3.5 hours away, was such a nice change. I ended up going to Wausau Wisconsin for part of a day. The purpose of the trip was a family member’s doctor appointment, but of course we squeezed quite a lot of shopping around that. Other than some spots my family wanted to stop by, I got my wish of stopping at Target as well as the LYS (local yarn shop) in Wausau, the Black Purl. I’ll share more about the Black Purl and a yarn haul later on, but for now, let’s just say that I loved this shop.

Around the trip to Wausau my family stopped by my Grandmother’s house in Wisconsin’s North Woods. She lives on a lake in the woods so there are always a lot of chores. My family ended up helping with a few as well and visiting. It was so nice to hear the frogs at night and listen to the water. I even braved the ice cold water and dipped my toes for a while. It was just beautiful. Although not as relaxing as you might think, it was a wonderful change from the everyday ho-hum that has been 2015 thus far. Don’t get me wrong, 2015 has had some amazing parts, but as of late the doldrums have taken over.

The only flaw to my trip was that I did not take any photos. Not even one terrible but candid pooch shot. Alas, perhaps next time I will be better at this. For now, I leave you with another of my random nature photos. Hope your weekend is a good one and that you at least have 10 minutes to spend on yourself.

P.S. Confession is good for the soul. I did not knit a single stitch on this trip despite the decent stash enhancement. I did, however, read a lot. Ah well, I started the toe on my second sock yesterday to make up for it.

~Stay Inspired


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