Day One: If I Were Yarn

If I Were Yarn: Wooly Mastadon

An interesting topic for sure for the first prompt for Knit and Crochet Blog Week. If I were yarn…hmmm.

If I were yarn I’d be versatile. I’d be that yarn that sits in your stash quietly, but at the last minute would be ‘ta-da! I’m amazing!’. I’d be that treasured indie dyed sock yarn, not the 100% merino, but a nylon blend. I’d be yarn that is amazing, soft, and beautiful, but a hard worker and something that has been and can be put through the mill (all puns intended).Why sock yarn, well, it’s up for anything. It can be made into a very utilitarian project such as socks (like a close friend), but it can also lay in wait and become that beautiful lace shawl (like that crazy person that shares their personal strengths all at once after a long time waiting and that always gives you something to think about). I’d be that yarn that is always around, as projects take longer. Oh, and did I mention I’d be that obnoxiously bright, multi-colored and artsy yarn and not afraid to show it.

On the flip side, this yarn can occasionally be confused as to what it really wants to become. It would be slightly too colorful for some projects, and definitely not perfect for every situation. It would be that yarn that is really cool, but also hard to match to your outfits until you finally give in and wear the piece anyway. This yarn could be awkward and trounce into a party not knowing what kind of event it actually is attending making a fool of itself, and then sit in embarrassed self-conscious thought afterward. My yarn counterpart would have some knots in the skein…bumps in the road showing that no one is perfect, especially not me.

In the end, this skein of yarn would be learning to live in it’s own skin, and own the awesome. Can I live up to that standard?


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~Stay Inspired


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