Day Two: All About Me…Sort Of

A Little About Me: Wooly Mastadon

Today’s prompt is an interesting one as it states to share something about yourself other than the crafting. As I do often change things up and share tidbits about myself here often, I thought I’d take a slightly different angle on this and share something specific.

So, about me. As you know, I am a reader, a pet owner, an amateur photographer, and a maker, just to name a few. I am also a graphic designer. I do a lot of random stuff. Clearly I have no idea where my path is going to lead at this point, but I thought I’d share some aspirations with you for the future. As a 20-something working through life to figure out what I want to do with it, I have come up with several theories as to what career path I’d like to take. I always end up finding something else that I’d really like to add to the mix, and can never settle on one thing. It can be confusing.

When I first graduated from college, I wanted to land a job at an awesome design firm and work with a team of graphic designers making the materials we see in day to day life amazing. I was quickly disillusioned by this path for a variety of reasons and let’s just say that my focus changed dramatically. I started to put myself more into the fiber world. I started this blog. Slowly I realized that I needed to make fiber crafting/art a part of my career if I wanted to truly love the path I chose. I started to rework my ideas. First came the idea to start an Etsy shop. I love making things and often people ask to buy what I make. Yet, if I chose this path, I would not really have time to knit or crochet things for myself.

I switched gears again. This time I was thinking about being a graphic designer for a knitting/crochet/spinning publication. Being able to use my skills in graphic design right along with my love for fiber crafts and the written word would be the perfect intersection. To be honest, I still have this as a hopeful future goal for my life at some point. I would love to even be a lowly graphic design minion to one major publication, or even just one of the lowest positions there, if only to be at an amazing company.

I’ve gone through one more phase as well. I want to design knitwear. This may or may not tie into my previous hopes to work at a fiber craft publication. I love to create, and I have delved into knitwear design (and am working on a pattern now for what seems like forever). I love all of the aspects of designing and even have found someone to help me along the way. Now, all I need to do is decide on where I want to put my time, and just work towards that goal. Perhaps this is where most people get stuck along this journey. Let’s hope that I have the tenacity to push forward in a world of competition and amazing people, because the fiber world is really a welcoming one.

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~Stay Inspired


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