Day Three: WIP Photos

Project Photography: Wooly Mastadon

So, today’s prompt was all about taking creative and slightly different from your normal project photos. As you have probably noticed on this blog, I tend to take photos on a white background with only the FO or WIP in the frame. Thus, here are some of my attempts at taking different photos.

Project Photography: Wooly Mastadon

We start off the day playing hide and seek in my toe-up socks. The goat wanted to join in on the fun and hopped up on the yarn ball.

Project Photography: Wooly Mastadon

The puppy saw how much fun the goat and sheep were having that he had to make up a game himself. The Splitstone was the perfect obstacle course for a game of jacks.

Project Photography: Wooly MastadonGuess who?

Project Photography: Wooly Mastadon

We ended the day with some interesting scrap ‘ghan adventures and words to live by.


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~Stay Inspired



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