Day Seven: My Time, My Space

My Knitting Space: Wooly Mastadon

The final prompt for blog week was to describe where/when you take time to create. Where do you knit and crochet, and when is the best time. Here we go.

For starters, I will knit and crochet most places. The stigma doesn’t stop me and I have learned to embrace the fact that some people think I’m weird or stupid because I knit/crochet in public. Typically I will draw the line when it comes to knitting/crocheting. Personally I don’t feel comfortable knitting/crocheting in restaurants, certain types of presentations, or the movies (one time I have laser focus on a movie, haha). Otherwise, if I am at work in the break room, at fellowship at my church, or have other small bits of time, I knit/crochet.

However, my space to create at home is usually either my desk or the couch. In conjunction with these, my computer is almost always out with a good podcast or some music. I can relax and focus on knitting/crochet for a brief time. Preferably, I like to take this time in the evening after work, but I work a sporadic enough schedule that it could get pushed to the morning or afternoon; any time that I have a spare moment. I always have at least two projects going, one easy travel project (like socks), and one more detailed project (like my sweater or a shawl). I also usually have some type of crochet project going on (my afghan right now). This time is also for spinning, but I find spinning easier to fit into nooks and crannies of time around work, as a soothing stress reliever. I rotate through projects, cast new ones on, and go through finishing sprees. I occasionally just take my day that I have off as a splurge and use it to create, spending lots of time on the couch with tea (iced or hot depending on my mood), my knitting/crochet, a good podcast or music (depending on the detail level of the project…music is easier to block out at complicated parts in a pattern), and my pooch at my side.

My Knitting Space: Wooly Mastadon

This quiet time, this me time, is what I push through my day for. I look forward to that stray moment when at last I can sit down and just enjoy my craft. It keeps me going, and helps me let go of stress. Knitting and crochet make me happy.


Well, that wraps up the 6th Annual Knit and Crochet Blog Week hosted and created by Thanks to Eskimimi (or Mimi) for coordinating and keeping this blog week going. I really enjoyed participating, especially as my first year to this event. Great prompts and motivation made this a breeze to blog every day. So much fun!

~Stay Inspired


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