Hope: Wooly Mastadon

After last week’s burst of posts thanks to Eskimimi’s Blog Week, I’ve been feeling the need to pick up the pace with this space once again. I’ve been wanting to share something with you all for a week, but thought I’d save it for after the blog week. I mentioned in a past post that I had some really good news. Well, it is beyond good news, it is a miracle. Over the past few months, you may have gathered that my Mother has cancer. I have knit and crocheted a bunch of chemo caps (see my Ravelry project page), and have had to struggle with the many what-ifs that come with a family member with cancer. In October of last year, within 10 days my mother was diagnosed with a possible cancerous extremely large tumor, underwent life-threatening surgery, and was officially diagnosed with cancer. Through all of this, the surgeon and cancer doctors were very positive, and everyone felt that once she survived and overcame the surgery, she could kick the cancer. She had many intense chemo treatments, taking one of the highest doses they could give her. She had hardly any sickness, just mainly bouts of exhaustion. Through all of this, we all had to go through the ideas that we could lose her. In my mind, I didn’t know what 2015 would bring, and was taking every moment, praying, hoping, holding on. Well, my mother is strong and stubborn.

By the grace of God she was declared cancer free. The cancer is gone. Gone. Just gone.

I almost cry writing this. We have covered the range of emotions, my family and I. The diagnosis, the fight, the treatment, and now the finish. My mother has shaved her head, lost her hair and proudly worn my hats refusing to wear a wig. She has pushed on, complaining on her worst days not of people or things, but rather that she didn’t have the energy but wanted to do things like bake, or create. All of the things she used to do and couldn’t she has started to do again. It is just a blessing.

God has blessed my family and I am thankful. I leave you with this: to all who struggle with or have a family member of friend who struggles with cancer, there is hope. It is terrible and not all overcome it, but it is worth the fight. Take every minute and treasure it. I am very very happy that I did just that. I need to stop now, I’m crying again. Praise God!

~Stay Inspired


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