Ahh, Memorial Day

Memorial Day Reads: Wooly MastadonWell, there it is then. Memorial in the U.S. is the unofficial kick off to summer. All of the high schools in my area had their graduations. Tourists and part-time residents are flocking back to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Everyone is preparing to grill all of the things and enjoy a nice sunny day in the back yard…and it is raining. Mind you. I really am not to upset with this outcome. I still have to work this evening (as I have worked the entire Memorial Day Weekend and it has been a zoo at the grocery store, let me tell you), and I stumbled upon what seems to be a bit of a bug (congested head). Yet, I’m not too upset about this weekend. Saturday and Sunday were gorgeous and I was able to spend some quality time reading on the back patio in the shade as it was a warm day. I’ve been able to soak up some rays, and now I am happy to rest.

The thing with evening shifts is that I feel that my day is somewhat a waste. I know I have to go to work later in the day, so I don’t start anything with the hopes that I won’t get into anything too much and then have to stop. I know it’s stupid, but there it is. I have, however been reading and using this time to catch up on the latest episodes of some of my favorite podcasts. As I have mentioned these podcasts way to many time here (namely the Knit Girllls and the Suburban Stitcher Podcast), I thought I’d share what I am reading.

Yes, I’ll admit it, I am re-reading a children’s book…and yes, I said it, re-reading. Yet, I don’t descriminate and I read what I want so going back to these books after many years has been nice. I am working my way through the Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud and am on the first book, The Amulet of Samarkand. I enjoyed reading these books the first time, and was looking for an easy yet entertaining read for the beginning of the summer season. These books are easy reads, yet there is enough snark from the main character to keep it interesting and the plot-line engaging. I am actually borrowing the first three books from a family member, but I own the fourth which was a later release (thus it’s technically no longer a trilogy). These are some good books if you are interested in Djinn, summonings, wizards, and in some ways, politics so be sure to check them out.

Oh yea, and have a good Memorial Day if you are in the states. Otherwise, have a wonderful Monday.

~Stay Inspired


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